EP 14: Ryan Lowery of the Human Performance lab- Optimizing Education, Science, and Ketogenic Research

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Ryan Lowery is working on his PHD with Dr Jacob Wilson in the University of Tampa’s Human Performance Lab.   His research focuses on a ketogenic diet in the context of high-level athletes. We had an excellent conversation about the education system, problems with dogma in science, and much more. This podcast episode is especially relevant for young students looking to get into the sciences and anyone interested in the advancement of knowledge through the scientific method. Please subscribe via itunes or your preferred podcast server, like the video on youtube and give a thumbs up!
Watch the Video Here. You can Find Ryan Lowery on facebook or email him at [email protected] Relevant Links: Science Isn’t Broken It’s just a hell of a lot harder than we give it credit for. Science Is Not About Certainty The separation of science and the humanities is relatively new—and detrimental to both Science and the Humanities in the Understanding of Human Nature by Robert M. Young

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  1. Lisa


    My name is Lisa Jones and I work with a Kayla Logan she knows you from Butler high school. I’m struggling with
    my weight, I’m interested in feeling better and having more energy. I crave sugar and fake sugar all the time. I’m completely lost and tired of being 40 pounds over weight. I don’t know where to start can you guide me in the right direction? Do you ever have events in California?

    • Jessica Haggard

      Ryan was a guest on our podcast a while back, it is very unlikely that he will see this comment. I recommend you try to contact him through his channels.