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Cam Newton’s NFL career RUINED by VEGAN DIET?

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For Cam Newton, NFL quarterback, a vegan diet may be a game changer and a career-ender. Friends don’t let friends go vegan. Did a nutrient-deficient vegan diet and avoidance of animal foods wreck this high level athlete’s body?

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Show Notes

  • Tristan is #ImWithGreta on Instagram
  • News Observer – Panthers QB Cam Newton goes into depth about being vegan heading into 2019 season
  • Cam Newton Vlogs – Getting my body ready for next season
  • Washington Post – Cam Newton’s foot injury reportedly is much more severe than originally thought
  • The Truth About Why I’m Sidelined: In My Words And Done My Way | Cam Newton Vlogs
  • Vogue – The Backlash to Cam Newton’s Babushka Exposes a Troubling Double Standard
  • Larry Brown Sports – Cam Newton addresses Lisfranc injury; vegan diet being blamed
  • PubMed – Veganism, vegetarianism, bone mineral density, and fracture risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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