EP 2: Luis Villasenor aka Darthluiggi of reddit/ketogains – building muscle on ketogenic diet

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Known as Darthluiggi on reddit – Luis Villasenor moderates the r/keto, r/ketogains, and the new r/ketoscience boards and is always answering questions and helping people with their weight loss and health goals using the ketogenic diet.

Not only has he been on a ketogenic diet for 14 years, he has proven that you CAN build plenty of muscle on a ketogenic diet.  Check out his natural, ketogenic bodybuilding progress on instagram.

I talked to Luis about his transformation through keto, he gives tips for beginners to keto, talks about the best ketgenic diet resources online, shares his experience on cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD), and talked about his new method of using 15grams of carb preworkout (targeted ketogenic diet – TKD).

Watch the Video Here.

Darthluiggi is a very helpful wealth of ketogenic diet information and experience and one of the few people who has proven that you can build muscle on a sustained ketogenic diet.

Resources, links, and where to chat with Darthluiggi:

Reddit Keto forum
Reddit Ketogains forum
Reddit Keto Science forum

Luis’ first thread on reddit offering tips and pointers

More recent thread about his TKD experiment

Luis’ Instagram

Books mentioned:

The Ketogenic Diet, by Lyle Mcdonald

Underground Bodyopus – Militant Weight Recomposition, Dan Duchaine

Anabolic Solution for Bodybuilders, Mauro Di Pasquale

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