EP 16: Can’t stick to a diet for “social reasons”? How to not be a wuss! Ketogenic Diet Motivation

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If you can’t “stick to a diet” or any plan for improving your life due to “social reasons” (aka useless excuses), you are being a wuss and need to reevaluate the situation. These illusions and insecurities should never make you feel compelled to change your intention or get off your path – this applies not only to diet, but anything you wish to accomplish in life. Stand with your decisions and cast out the illusions, no one really cares what you eat.

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1 thought on “EP 16: Can’t stick to a diet for “social reasons”? How to not be a wuss! Ketogenic Diet Motivation”

  1. Great video. My wife has problems saying no to the food her Mom and Dad offers us when we visit. I have had to put them in their place a few times. I have had to tell them in no uncertain terms that this is our life, and our choices. If they want us to visit then they need to quit giving my kids bread etc. So one simply needs to be firm. Do not be afraid to tell them what the rules are. If you do not tell them, then how will they know? It is then up to them if they want us to visit. It always amuses me when fat, obese people tell me how healthy their high carb diet is.

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