Gloria next to a dog.

Keto as a Lifestyle

Gloria Stewart
West Coast, USA

Although I have not been able to be live much during this collective, I have kept up on all the comments and audio recordings. I have enjoy the diversity of people gathered here, their comments enriched the collective greatly.

One of the goals I had for the Keto & Carnivore Collective was to break free of My Fitness Pal and learn to eat when I was hungry. It was such a relief. It freed me from taking so much time logging and thinking about food all the time. The reduction of stress was like a vacation. In the end, I am still losing weight, but not as fast. After being so obsessed with Keto macros and food for so long, I was glad to get some of my life back. After this breath of fresh air, I feel more prepared to get the discipline back and continue to work on the nutritional way of life so many of the folks in the collective have done.

I have learned so much and with the results I have gotten, I have been able to get others to look into low carb diet too. My sister was concerned about her husband’s clarity as he is getting older and they realized that getting sugar out of his diet has made him feel and look better. Jessica’s keto bread won my sister over. I have shown them several of the recipes and they see that you can still enjoy food on keto.

I would like to thank Jessica and Tristan for their life’s mission of living a good life and helping others to do the same. I came to this because I was impressed with their intelligence and compassion for people. They have not failed in either. I know I will continue to follow their videos and blogs. Thanks for everything…it has helped me make a better life.

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