The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook: A Training Manual for Low-Carb, Ketogenic, and Paleo Cuisine

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The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook is a comprehensive guide for families and individuals interested in thriving on unprocessed foods and from scratch, ketogenic cooking. This book specializes in simple healthy protein based entrees, fatty sauces, vegetable rich sides, and sugar-free desserts for every day nourishment.

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The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook is a comprehensive guide for families and individuals interested in thriving on unprocessed foods and from scratch, ketogenic cooking. The 280 pages are packed with information to make your low-carb lifestyle easier.

You will be fully trained in practical food preparation skills for everyday nourishment. This book specializes in healthy protein based entrees, fatty sauces, vegetable rich sides and sugar-free desserts.

Ketogenic, Low-Carb and Paleo

Gluten-Free | Grain-Free | Sugar-Free

Kid-Approved | Family-Friendly | Nutrient-Dense | From Scratch

The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook teaches you how to

  • Properly formulate a ketogenic diet
  • Source the highest quality food possible
  • Prepare low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic dishes
  • Maximize nutrient density in all your meals
  • Enjoy a variety of foods with many recipe variations

The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook has more than 130 recipes, most with full page, full color photographs. Each entry contains the serving size, prep and cook times, and full macronutrient analysis.

You will find a combination of slow-cooked, one pan, freezer friendly and 30 minute prep meals sprinkled with a few fancier recipes here and there. Most of the recipes are the “quick and easy” type that maximize nutrient density and minimize time. We offer a number of variations to recipes, illustrating how to expand and modify recipes in ways that extend longevity from a singe idea.

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59 reviews for The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook: A Training Manual for Low-Carb, Ketogenic, and Paleo Cuisine

  1. Shawn (verified owner)

    This cookbook is for the people by the people. The author actually makes these recipes for her family and they are written in non-technical terms which I loved. The author and her husband are experts in nutrition who genuinely care about sharing their knowledge with others. I have benefited greatly from their Primal Edge Health videos on YouTube. This cookbook, by Jessica is high quality and just great. I have already made two of the recipes and really stoked about this book.

  2. William (verified owner)

    Wow!! I’m always a little skeptical about ebooks but I’m very impressed with this one. This is actually two books in one. The first section of the book covers the keto diet, setting up a keto-friendly kitchen, and information on sourcing quality food. The second section of the book has all of the recipes with cool stories and descriptions, simple steps and ingredients. The pictures of the finished dishes are beautifully done and very helpful (the coconut crusted fish and the maca fudge brownies come to mind). Thank you for taking the time to make a quality book 🙂

  3. Sami Reda (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing book. This is my holy bible in my kitchen and I have a copy of it on my phone if I want to look up a recipe while I’m out. Thank you guys so much for putting this out there, I honestly NEVER buy anything book related. This is probably the only exception. I am a huge fan of your youtube channel and your family as well! Wish you guys the best and thank you again for making this book, this is pure quality tried and true. I would have bought it for twice the price! I bought another one for my sister who is starting keto, I’ve pointed her towards your direction. Cheers!

  4. Gordon Marley (verified owner)

    Bought this book on its release just getting round to reviewing. I can safely say I wasn’t disappointed, it’s far better than I expected as I have bought a few keto cookbooks in the past from different places and I have been let down. They had very little info actually on keto or it was in accurate and hardly any decent reciepes but this keto cookbook is a must buy, it is not only loaded with amazing keto recipes but also has loads of info on keto and solid advice from a great source. Which is crucial on a keto diet 10/10.

    Gordon, Scotland

  5. Eric Green (verified owner)

    This is probably the best resource that I’ve found for keto recipes! Jessica & Tristan did a fantastic job creating a fun-to-read, educational, and inspiring masterpiece with The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook. It’s also a great resource if you have friends/family who are curious but confused about keto.

  6. Julia (verified owner)

    I love the book! I like having the variations listed as it gives me options for different flavor profiles, the color photographs are great too. It is well laid out and I like that it is both a cookbook and educates as well. I printed some pages out of things I will make more often but I decided to take the file down to my UPS Store tomorrow and have the whole thing printed out. I’m old-fashioned and love flipping through pages. Great job and a great value.

  7. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Fantastic recipe ideas and they are very delicious. I just started Keto and this has definitely helped me keep things interesting. I made the coconut curry sauce and added some chicken and it was absolutely incredible. This book provides recipes in very easy to follow steps with simple ingredients to minimize mistakes. It also allows you to mix and match sauces, dressings, dips and other recipes very easily. I’ve been pairing this with the myfitnesspal app to track fats, protein and carbs and have been having great success. Definitely worth the purchase!

  8. Courtnee (verified owner)

    I have bought several ebooks while starting my journey into the Ketogenic lifestyle. Most of the books I bought have been extensive with a lot of detail about ketosis as well as really well put together recipes. I love to cook, but sometimes my wallet wont let me buy extravagant meals for every single day of the week. The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook: A Training Manual for Low-Carb is just what it states! It is easy, quick, fulfilling recipes! I bought the book yesterday and already made the stuffed peppers with things left over in my fridge and it was amazing! Even my husband (who is not keto… yet!) loved it!! WELL WORTH THE PURCHASE! I can’t wait to see what else they have in the works next! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND DEDICATION!

  9. Kyle Rose (verified owner)

    First of all, great customer service! Really worked with me when I had some problems downloading the ebook. The book itself is fantastic and filled with a ton of knowledge. Great for Keto or just healthy living in general. Bravo!

  10. Kim (verified owner)

    Very high quality book. I have a couple of e-book keto (and other) cookbooks and this is by far the highest quality. Can’t wait to get started on some of the recipes. Love all the great information in the front as well as the wonderful, original recipes, not just riffs on the ones I have.

    So looking forward to trying many of them out! Would have paid twice the price! You can see the care in every recipe.

  11. Scott Goessling (verified owner)

    One of the best kitchen reference books I have seen, Keto or not. Very high quality. Great background detail. Great layout. This book is a guide, a coach, a trainerl, a motivator, a teacher and a mentor all in one. A passionate family sharing many of their lessons learned on their own keto journey. Fantastic book. Great source for every kitchen. Flatbread….OMG, add a little natural nut butter; over the top !!! Every day staple for me.

  12. Victor (verified owner)

    This is absolutely one of the greatest, well put together cookbooks I’ve had the pleasure of owning. You can tell everything is from the heart and actually genuine with each page turned. I’ve watched all of Tristons & Jessicas videos on youtube and have found them incredibly useful and knowledgeable on my keto way of life and after getting the info from The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook I feel as if I’ve opened a gem. Thank you guys for putting together this incredible cookbook. My wife and I love what you are doing and it has inspired us to make our next vacation somewhere in Ecuador, absolutely beautiful country.

  13. Eric Forbes (verified owner)

    I bought “The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook” just over a month ago and have already made 2 batches of “Micronutrient Flax Crackers” (pp. 84-85) and 4 batches of “Maca Fudge Brownies” (pp. 270-271). There are so many more things I plan to try!

    Last week, I soaked walnuts for the first time to make those tender and versatile “Raw Zucchini Walnut Crackers” (pg. 86). The water that came off of the nuts looked like it had dirt mixed in it — so much stuff came off just after a few hours of soaking! And the flavor and taste of soaked walnuts are so buttery, not at all bitter. That’s just one component. Doing things the right way — and learning why it matters — makes this a resource I keep coming back to.

    This cookbook is filled with recipes (of course) but also lives up to the claim of being a “training manual” in that it showcases how such delicious foods can be mixed together to form things I’ve never tasted. Once you taste this food, your cravings for a weekly cheat day simply subside. Once you body gets what it needs — not just from the macros but those tiny, hidden micronutrients — the cravings for sugar and starch are squelched.

    Body Happy. Hunger Gone!

    I recommend buying a food dehydrator and silicone sheets to make it easy to dive into the joys of raw food preparation. Soaking nuts before eating them is well worth the effort and the ability to dehydrate them at low temperatures afterwards allows them to be stored for longer periods in the fridge or the pantry. They taste alive instead of dry and bitter.

    I’ve reached a new low weight (190lbs) while also gaining lean muscle in the past month, just by switching to Keto and preparing foods from this book. My kitchen has become a nutritional laboratory. I am much more conscious of what I bring into it and what goes into me.

    Thank you Tristan and Jessica for this book, your site and those inspiring YouTube videos. With much love! –Eric

  14. Laureen Blechman (verified owner)

    I love this cookbook!!! I leave it open on my MacBook Air 24/7, even though my laptop keeps telling me it’s time to update!! NOOOOO!!! Lol!! Thank you both for sharing some of the best recipes EVER!!!

    XOXOXO!!!- Laureen

  15. Wendy Nelson

    THIS IS THE ULTIMATE COOKBOOK!!! Total game changer in my opinion. I have been following primal edge for awhile, and I don’t know why I waited so long to purchase this amazing book. Don’t wait to buy this book! It answers so many questions and helps you eat the way we all should. It takes the guess work out of Keto. Wholesome and nutrient dense recipes! Buy this book!!!!
    Great job Jessica & Tristan

  16. Sean M. (verified owner)

    Buy this book. You won’t regret it. My only tip is to watch how you print it so it’s not too thick (print two sided if you can or if you don’t have a printer, you can take it to a Fedexoffice and they’ll print it out for you nicely). I like having the PDF format in my phone for reference too. Anyway, I bought the cookbook a few weeks into discovering the Ketogenic diet after a cancer diagnosis and I absolutely love it. It’s become my guide to Keto cooking. They call it a training manual for Keto and that’s right on because I’ve learned how to combine spices for optimal nutrition and taste, what to stock my kitchen with and more importantly why, how to make easy staple foods, bulk foods and even desserts. How to use organ meats (something I strayed from before), ‘bread and crackers’ type stuff I knew I was going to miss…..And much more. I’ve learned about a few ingredients I’d never even heard of or knew of but knew nothing about. I’ve enjoyed every recipe so far and genuinely look forward to making the rest. Thanks guys!

  17. Keren Hordyski (verified owner)

    Love it!!! Super easy to follow instructions and all recipes use few ingredients. I highly recommend it!

    Thank you for this great tool which has transformed my life! Xoxoxoxo

  18. Andrew Fawcett (verified owner)

    All I can say is I am loving this cook book. Just tried the keto flat bread recipe-which inspired this review. I was sort of sceptical that the finished product would be to my taste. But I have to say that I love these little pancake like breads. I am amazed by how they turned out. The book is not only full of good recipes but packed with info and, dare I say, the love and caring of the author. Many thanks for all both of you bring to this world.

  19. Richard Hatter

    I took the day off work on Saturday just to relax and read through the new book, I was not disappointed!
    I’ve been a client of Tristan and Jessica’s back in August 2015 when they prescribed their recipies for my bespoke meal planning and macros. Jessica’s brilliance in the kitchen is matched perfectly with the incredible editing and photography. The recipes are well written, imaginative, refreshing and tasty, they are nutrient dense foods and very pragmatic in their approach, you can find everything in any market even here in Hong Kong where I’ve lived as an expat for 16 years.

    Jessica’s the photographs are beautiful, and the small anecdotes are wonderful reading. I was pleasantly surprised to find the accompanying tips in the book. As the General Manager of a 5 star luxury hotel though I’m usually not the one behind a stove but I cant wait to try a few of these out at home. Hopefully you too will just be able to enjoy reading this book and trying to soak up as much as you can.

    We will be adding some of these dishes to our menus and buffets at the hotel.

    Congratulations again Jessica and Tristan and start working on the 2nd version !

    Richard Hatter
    General Manager
    Hotel ICON
    Hong Kong

  20. Cindy

    Will you ever out this cookbook in a paperback book? I would rather have a book not a ebook..

    • Jessica

      We plan to look into that option but for now you are welcome to print out the book at home or at a professional printers.

  21. Brian Lenzkes (verified owner)

    Great cookbook. Thank you for your hard work in putting it together. Easy and delicious recipes. I had to buy it to support the great videos on Youtube…very happy I did. Keep up the great work. I am an internal medicine doc and have directed many of my patients to you with excellent results

  22. Kate Davis (verified owner)

    This cookbook is inspiring, and for me, aspirational. This is how I want to cook; this food will nourish my family. It combines WAPF with a sensible approach to Keto. I am fortunate to live in Amish country in Pennsylvania, so many of the ingredients, like raw cream and “odd bits,” are readily available to me. Now, thanks to Jessica and Tristan, I have an accessible guide for using those ingredients. I love how the ketogenic WOE makes me feel and now I can integrate these recipes that will ensure my Keto diet is well-formulated.

  23. Hillary

    Is there a chocolate recipe in this book? I know I need to buy it and I plan on it for sure! But I’m just wondering if there is a chocolate recipe I’ve been searching long and hard to find one and have so far been very let down. Thanks in advance love your videos and currently saving up for consultation!!

    • Jessica Somerville

      Yes OF COURSE! There are a few different chocolate recipes in the book. I have posted additional recipes on the blog also, search “chocolate” and I’m sure they will pop up. I’m wrapping up our second book – The Ultimate Guide for Low-Carb Baking and there are LOADS of chocolate recipes in there also — super yum!

  24. Deborah Fiore (verified owner)

    Love your Ketogenic Edge Cookbook! Thank you so much for all your hard work and really really great recipes! You helped clarify so much by writing this cookbook and teaching us how to start a ketogenic diet, a tasty ketogenic diet because of the great recipes! I love your book and your beautiful family. I’m still learning from your cookbook and videos all the time. Your crackers are great as so many of the recipes are and I love all the tips of changing recipes up with the different herbs and seasonings! I also really appreciate all I’ve learned from your videos like having broth and purchasing the right magnesium to get rid of leg and foot cramps, along with eating avocados for potassium! This has turned around the cramping situation without irritating the stomach. You guys really know your stuff! So thank you for sharing your knowledge, great recipes and beautiful family! I love watching you both with your children and all the helpful tips Ariana gives too, along with her favorite meals and seeing your garden and your baby who is growing so fast! I bet Ariana is a great big sister! I’m looking forward to making another of your cracker recipes and will probably try some of the snacks/dip recipes after that…so great that snacks are included in your superb cookbook! It’s so quick and easy to just be able to scroll through your recipes and be inspired by something so tasty, easy and great for you. Also loved watching your cooking videos and the “what you eat in a day!” You have all been so kind to share your knowledge and great recipes and beautiful family with us…I wish you continued success with your awesome cookbook and wish you and your family the best! Many many thanks for this creative and so yummy cookbook!

  25. Greg Light (verified owner)

    So happy I got this book. It’s written with integrity and love for the artistry of food and cooking. Also unlike a lot of other keto cookbooks, the recipes are healthy and whole food based. Another positive is most of them are fairly simple without crazy long ingredients list.

  26. Deborah Fiore (verified owner)

    Just made your Spicy Sardine Frittata and it is so good! It was super easy to make and so filling! Loved it! Thank you!

  27. Karl harrell (verified owner)

    Ok so I have to say it, this really is a game changer! These recipes has made keto delicious. I was skeptical buying an snook for $20.00, but it’s worth it.


    These fudgy keto brownies were some of the most delicious low carb, ketogenic brownies my family has ever had.

  29. Lynn Tremblay

    Hi, Can you get this book in soft cover or only as a pdf download link? Thank you.

    • Jessica Haggard

      Hello Lynn, Just the ebook right now 🙂 Thanks for your interest!

  30. kevin brown (verified owner)

    I bought this book just to support the site and youtube channel really , something I use a lot and so far its been free , so I felt its about time to give something back , First was the Keto bread , Ive been looking for some kind of low carb easy to make ketobread for ages , and I ve found it , great with all sorts , I usually make mine pancake style and use them as wraps for whatever I want to in them , Next was beef broth , we did far too much , and struggled to find a place to store all this goodness , first batch went into the Beef stew , and wow just fantastic , Prawn recipe went down well , The cauliflower rice is far superior to the cauliflower mash we have been used to , The Coconut curry we had tonight was verging on the best curry we have tasted in 30 years of eating curries …seriously , Although we substituted the coconut milk for whipping cream , it turned out just fantastic , Haven’t mastered the mayonaise , but we will eventually , And still so much left to try out . Cant see ourselves ever going back to the low fat / high carb diet we thought was good for our health . Books like this just confirm this . Looking forward to the baking book . Thanks guys !

  31. Lynette Busche

    Would love a printed soft cover book. Not an ebook.
    I would love to read it, but to get away from the computer or tablet screen.

    • Jessica Haggard

      You are welcome to print it out – stay tuned, we are looking into a PRINT book for the future 😉

  32. Evan Rubinton (verified owner)

    Best keto cookbook available! Excellent source of information and recipes

  33. Failani Peters

    Been watching you on yutube.thankyou for educating me on what ketogenic diet is and am anxcious to try your ketogenic cook book.

  34. veltze (verified owner)

    Thank you for all your love and hard work you put into this great book!

  35. david.kozicky (verified owner)

    Awesome book folks!
    Comprehensive & educational with focus on “out of the box” methodology on HEALTHY eating. Creative & inspirational – Thank you guys xo

  36. Renae Runnels (verified owner)

    Just purchased my Keto Training Manual, amazing!! Life changing- my family LOVES the cauliflower mash and cauliflower rice. Spicy shrimp soup, yum!!! Can’t wait to cook more. Thank you Jessica and Tristan❤️

  37. Jessica Haggard

    Macros vary person to person, there is no “one size fits all” meal plan. The book does not have a set meal plan. We do, however, thoroughly discuss macronutrient ratios and needs to teach the reader how to properly formulate their own plan based on individual goals.

  38. Diana (verified owner)

    I love this book!! I made the coconut beef curry and it was amazing, thank you Jessica you’re a genius, simple but super tasty… Cant wait to try other recipes. Keep up the good work guys. Lots of love from England.

  39. Kevin

    I’m just about to buy this eBook. Love your YouTube videos and your family is adorable.

    However, I badly want a paperback version. I’ll buy that one too.

  40. Ramona

    I have yet to purchase the book, but even before reading all these wonderful reviews I had decided I would give it a try. I have been doing keto for approximately 2 weeks, I am really looking forward to improving my life with this way of eating and after coming across your videos and website I am optimistic that I will accomplish just that. I am excited about purchasing the book because I feel it will facilitate cooking for my family and having them eat this way too. I could barely contain my excitement when I read Jessica’s response about the second book. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

  41. balal.ali (verified owner)

    I cannot wait to start using these recipes! Only wish Tristan had more time for coaching but this is the next best thing. You guys are great! Thank you

  42. Elizabeth Jensen (verified owner)

    This training manual/cookbook is amazing!!! Every recipe I have tried has been fabulous. The best part is that the recipes are weight loss friendly. I don’t have to worry about that part at all. I love the e-book format, as I can have it on my iPad in the kitchen while cooking, on my computer for better viewing of the beautiful pictures and adding to my food tracker, or on my phone to double check ingredients when shopping.

    I’d also like to say that all the recipes have been kid approved too! My son loves the food and he’s only 3.5 years old. He loves the beef heart meatballs and requests them all the time! Thank you Jessica for putting some much love and effort into this!

  43. terrypotthast (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this ketogenic edge cookbook. There is so much wonderful information and the recipes in this book are simple and amazing. I am on my healthy journey and new to keto and am so happy I found this website and Jessica’s training manual/cookbook. I am so grateful for the time you devoted to detail. I also bought the guide to low carb baking that was just released….this book is also a five star and I highly recommend it. There are so many sweet and savory recipes that I can’t wait to try and again Jessica has so much wonderful information and has devoted much effort and love into this book also! I am so grateful to you Tristan and Jessica, you are straight up great people and you have a beautiful family !!

  44. Matt S (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! If you are doing a Keto lifestyle, you owe it to yourself to get this cookbook. Tons of great information and delicious recipes. I can’t say enough positive things about everything shared by Jessica and Tristan. Love this book, your videos, and you both!

  45. Ana

    I Love this book its a total game changer, thank you both for sharing some of the best recipes , ever!! 🙂

  46. Robin Schildt (verified owner)

    I purchased The Ketogenic-Edge-Cookbook a few months back. It really helped me to understand the essentials of adopting a ketogenic lifestyle and the approach to using fresh organic products. I have learned so much about cooking, using spices and herbs fats and oils, and how to prep and prepare all my meals. I especially loved the section on organ meats. I really never thought about eating organ meats let alone cooking them. I now spend time shopping at my local fresh market which specializes in fresh, organic produce and locally grown fresh grass feed beef, free range poultry, among many other wholesome foods. This book is my cooking bible. The Ketogenic-Edge-Cookbook is more than a recipe book, it is a training manual and a must have when beginning a ketogenic lifestyle. I use this book everyday and thank you Jessica and Tristan for sharing this valuable information!

  47. gabriella.bock (verified owner)

    I purchased both books roughly a months ago. Both have a very cool style, beautiful photos, tips and recommendations at the beginning. The most I love are the easy and creative recipes. These cookbooks help a lot not to get boring dishes, but nutrient dense food on the table. Muffins are my favorite (Broccoli-, Egg- Pumpkin – they are seriously yummy!!) and I could reproduce them pretty well.
    Very nice job Jessica & Tristan. I look forward to your next one:)
    lots of love, Gabriella from Austria

  48. AnaMin (verified owner)

    I just bought this book and read through it along with the low carb baking book by Jessica. I started a keto diet a couple months ago and bought a couple other books on Amazon. Boy do I wish I saw and bought this book before those! These folks Tristan and Jessica have truly constructed a one stop shop manual for keto. All the info you’ll need about keto, tips on making keto prep easier and hence maintaining as a viable lifestyle, and the recipes are simple yet very, very good. There are several ingredients that are new to me and weren’t in my pantry (like mesquite powder) but after researching them I decided they were interesting healthy options I was willing to explore and buy. I also like the writing itself, not simply sunshine keto jargon that you can easily get online, but thoughtful, intelligent yet easily understood language that was also engaging reading on keto.

    My compliments to the authors, I hope they and their books get all the recognition and accessibility they deserve.

  49. Annie (verified owner)

    I just bought the guide last night and I’m fascinated with the amount of useful information. I haven’t even started the recipes part and I’m already in love with this book. I wish I found this a couple of months ago; before getting the other books from other authors filled with confusing information and not nearly as useful as your. I guess what matters is that I can learn from this now, right? ☺️ Thanks for sharing!!!!

    • Jessica Haggard

      Thanks Annie!!! You’re a blessing 🙂

  50. Morgan Koehn (verified owner)

    had the ebook and loved it! There is just something about having a print book, so i ordered it too! Awesome book!

    • Jessica Haggard

      The print books ARE so great! Thank you for your support <3 Jessica

  51. Emily Linso – kickassketo

    Of all the books out there about a ketogenic lifestyle, this is the one to buy. Jessica is an amazingly talented cook and baker, and the detail and organization in her book go a long way in making it easy to follow and useful. You learn much more than you would from just a list of recipes. I 100% recommend this book to everyone. Not only do you get more than your moneys worth, but you’re supporting real people with an authentic interest and care in what they’re doing. The resources that primal edge health providers are endless. Again, Thanks so much guys! ????

  52. chereb666 (verified owner)

    Just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you so much for this cookbook. I love watching the videos on Youtube. Beautiful family! From our family to yours all the best.

    • Jessica Haggard

      I’m so happy! Thanks for sharing your feedback and LOVE with us 🙂 Have a great day – take care of the family <3

  53. Jessica Haggard

    Hi, yes this review will certainly get banned. I don’t know what any of your comments are in relation to or what they have to do with my books. You are extremely rude and seem crazy, unhappy and very spiteful. Please don’t follow or comment on any of my work. Jessica

  54. zumbadread (verified owner)

    I recently purchased both of your books, and they are vastly superior to any of the others I have. The whole family love the recipes. Our 7 year old struggles with sensory processing issues, and it is difficult to get him to try new things as he will only eat certain textures, but he has been trying and enjoying these because they just look so good! Many thanks for all of your hard work. Who’d have thought maca would transform fat bombs into fudge… 😀 just sorry it took so long for me to find (new baby, sleep deprivation = my brain not working full tilt) Much love to you all from our family here in the UK, see you soon on YouTube!

    • Jessica Haggard

      I’m honored that my books have been such a blessing to you and your family. Thank you for taking time to write in to us, stories like yours are very inspiring to me. Hold your family close – the days are long but the years are short!

  55. Patrick Breuer

    I received both cookbooks (as well as the the low-carb baking version) earlier today and immediately scrolled through both. I decided to buy both cookbooks in their print form as I believe it is much easier to read than browsing through a recipe via a computer screen. The books are of high quality; the photos of all recipes are phenomenal and every detail was considered. A lot of time, and a flair for art certainly is evident. The recipes are simple to construct, as few ingredients are called for, I am very grateful a cookbook of this caliber was made because it allows me to broaden my knowledge and try different entrees. Believe me, I need it. I had to smile when I was listening to Tristan talk on one of his YT videos, when he mentioned that he doesn’t mind eating the same meals for a few days straight. Ditto. But, a bit of culinary variety never hurts. I can’t wait to make the sauerkraut and learn how to bake some low-carb bread and dip it in Bariani Olive Oil. Thanks again for the time invested in creating these. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Patrick

  56. paullberinde (verified owner)

    If you’re anything like me and you’re indecisive about it, just do it. Absolutely no regrets. Great information, good price and amazing people behind this work.

    • Jessica Haggard (verified owner)

      Thank you so much Paul! We appreciate this!

  57. jservant1198 (verified owner)

    The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook! Not just recipes, but also a training manual! This is probably the very best
    cookbook I have owned or seen for that matter. Concise and simple, detailed, just wonderful. You can tell that Jessica put a lot of work into this. If you want the best, get this cookbook. Why look anywhere else?

  58. Sandy Jump (verified owner)

    Love book. Want to learn to cook and eat better.

  59. Jordan Orr (verified owner)

    Great book fun good recipes especially the herbs section. I’ve only been cooking for the past 3 years and there is lots of good information. Also love the low carb baking book which goes hand in hand with this book.
    Now I’m excited to get the carnivore cook. Good stuff guys as always Tristan and Jessica.

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