Easy Cheeseburger Pie

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An easy cheeseburger pie is perfect for a low-stress dinner any day of the week, flavored with simple everyday ingredients, and suitable for the whole family. Would you like to hear my super easy quick prep way to make dinner? … Read More

Pemmican Recipe

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A good Pemmican Recipe makes the ultimate keto and carnivore “protein bar”, perfect for travel and long-term storage. It won’t smush, squish, or spill. Made from the most essential ingredients for human health, meat and fat, pemmican is extremely satiating … Read More

Chicken Keto Curry with Pumpkin

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A warm and spicy keto curry based on chicken, mustard greens, oyster mushrooms and coconut milk. Transform staple, everyday ingredients into an easy keto curry. Simmer chicken, vegetables and spices in bone broth and coconut milk for 30 minutes and … Read More

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