Inspired by traditional wisdom and simple, old fashioned living, Primal Edge Health uses animal-based nutrition, a keto diet, a carnivore diet, regenerative agriculture, homesteading, and a holistic lifestyle approach for health and vitality so we can thrive and bring others along for the ride.

We run a Youtube channel with long- and short-form videos published regularly and produce an audio-only podcast in addition to posting simple keto, carnivore-friendly low-carb recipes and DIY home and personal care ideas to arm you with practical, real-life solutions to take your health back into your own hands.

As internet censorship tightens, accounts get shadowban, and search engines skew results the internet is hardly the place it once was.

Change and greater awareness must come from a true grass-roots level as individuals take action to spread the message they want to see grow.

We stand for family, simple living, traditional wisdom, local and regenerative agriculture, and rural communities.

Amplify the message!

We don’t hide behind a paywall or otherwise try and trick people into giving us money. We simply hope that some people care enough about what we do to show their appreciation when they can.

Primal Edge Health cannot survive without your support.

We are a small independent family business and we appreciate every penny. All donations are used directly to keep Primal Edge Health running smoothly.

This page gives you many options, both monetary and otherwise, to support Primal Edge Health and provide us with the necessary financial stability to keep our operations alive.

From donating directly to rating the podcast to inviting your friends to like our pages, posts, and recipes… it all helps!

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