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Healed ulcerative colitis instantly on Carnivore

Amber Ford
New Zealand

Amber uses an animal-based carnivore diet to heal ulcerative colitis, reduce inflammation, balance hormones and recover from vegan malnutrition. She has experienced amazing results and is confident that meat is an essential part of the human diet.

I hope you as inspired as I am after reading Amber’s story!

Please introduce yourself briefly with your name, general location, age, height, and current weight.

Hi, I am a 34-year-old mother of 2 girls and a nutritionist. I’m also in my final year of study as a Naturopath and I believe that good nutrition is the key to wellness.

I was 115kgs 7 years ago and am now 68kgs and 162cm tall on a keto/carnivore diet. 

I live in New Zealand, where veganism is on the rise. 

How long have you followed a carnivore diet?

I have been on and off paleo/keto trying to fix my ulcerative colitis and have been carnivore for about 6 months now and find it is the only diet that stops the pain.

How did you hear about carnivory and the zero fiber approach?

I was following my own training on using fibre such as psyllium and chia to help soothe colitis and ended up in the hospital with elevated inflammation markers and chronic pain. I thought I had cancer!

I went home after being prescribed immunosuppressants and antibiotics (I didn’t take) feeling lost and heartbroken that I couldn’t heal myself by my own advice I give out! Then I saw your videos interviewing Natasha the gaps diet doctor and it all made sense! Fibre is bad for digestive disorders. 

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What was your first impression of eating animal foods exclusively?

I had been eating a high plant-based diet for 3 years before I went keto/carnivore last year. It tasted so amazing! I forgot how good meat was. I think I ate about 6 poached eggs with a plate of organic bacon and it was like an instant nutrient injection into my body. I slept so well that night and woke up with so much energy!

What made you want to try this WOE for yourself? Where were you coming from at the time?

I had no other option but to try it because I was dying. I felt like my body was shutting down. I was so inflamed I couldn’t even think clearly.

Was the beginning hard? Were there any unexpected flare-ups or side effects?

It was hard to digest beef again but I took some apple cider vinegar and it helped. The raw milk took a lot to get used too. I had to take 1 teaspoon a day and in a Kefir yogurt. 

Did any symptoms get worse before they got better?

Yes, the milk gave me painful joints again and my hair started falling out again so I made it into Kefir and took 1 tablespoon a week.

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Where did your motivation to keep going come from?

I believe in the science of nutrition and the way our digestive system works. I have been taught the medical explanations for mineral absorption but no one can say how plants are absorbed. This gives me the motivation to stick to this way of living.

How long until you saw results? What is your marker of “healing”?

Instant results! The stabbing pain and bloating disappeared overnight. 

Were your family and friends supportive of your choices?

My partner is right into it because he can eat lots of meat! But my friends think it’s cruel and unhealthy even though they can see the physical benefits.

I had people unfollow my business page because I promote eating meat.

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What other diets have you followed, how long were you on them, and what were the results?

Veganism and paleo were the worst diets I ever applied to my life. The nuts, seeds and raw plants and smoothies just destroyed my gut. I always had thrush infections and sore throats. I was vegan for 2 years then high plant-based paleo for 2 years then back to vegan for 9 months and had to stop when I ended up in the hospital.

I managed to lose weight but was constantly going to the bathroom. I had a horrible hormonal imbalance and would lose my period on and off. I was always feeling like I had air in my stomach. Over time I stopped eating much because of the pain. Before I went to the hospital I began swelling up with fluid because my kidneys weren’t working properly.

What did you use to eat before turning to animal-based nutrition?

All the fruit! Lots of vegetable platters and huge plates of cut-up raw plants. Handfuls of nuts and seeds. I was grain-free for weight loss. I made smoothies and cocoa nib deserts, including raw cakes. I would buy all the fake soy meats and live on plant milk, lots of super food powders and supplements!

What do you eat now? Are you strict meat only? Do you eat poultry, pork, or seafood? Do you eat eggs or dairy (raw or pasteurized)?

Simple. Meats, bacon,, raw beef mince, raw salmon, eggs, fish roe, shellfish, pate, pork crackle, biltong, raw milk, butter. Cooked pumpkin, courgette,, duck fat, venison 

Do you ever use culinary herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, etc) or spices (cinnamon, ginger, hot peppers)? Do you ever add a plant-based condiment like mustard or salad dressing, etc? 

Just dried herbs that are not antibiotic but in small amounts. No garlic/onion! 

Do you track macros or calories?


Do you supplement with anything?


What is your current view on vegetables and plant foods?

There are only some plants that are easily digested by people with healthy guts. I was born C section and given antibiotics so my system was weak already. Not everyone can break down plants well. They are a “sometimes” food.

Do you ever think of reintroducing plant material to your diet? Would you perhaps do so in the future? (Could be anything from herbs to white rice to mushrooms to berries, etc) If you have reintroduced something, what was it and what happened?

I don’t plan on it because of the pain but I did try banana that wasn’t ripe and became quite unwell. You need to listen to your body. It still shocks me that people will continue to eat a diet that makes them ill!

Do you ever miss a specific food, meal, or texture?

Yeah I miss the crunchy texture sometimes of cereal and milk with banana. 

What does a typical day of eating look like for you? What did you eat today?

I don’t eat a lot because the fat helps me feel full. I start off with raw salmon and scrabble eggs. Then I will have gelatin gummies for snacks and some raw milk kefir. Lunch is usually fried mince with poached eggs and pate. Dinner I’ll make the family sides of kumara with pumpkin and roast chicken with gravy. I have bone broth too which I use in sauces or soups for the children.

Do you practice fasting or OMAD? 

Yes! Once you have your mineral levels up and starting to feel better then fasting is a great way to reset your system 

Would you recommend a carnivore diet to someone else and why?

Yes! It is the fastest way to infuse yourself with all the nutrients you need. If you are malnourished then eating animal products is the only way you will be able to repair your body. There is no alternative! 

What would you say to someone 2 weeks into a carnivore diet who is having a hard time?

Stick it out. Try changing the type of meats. I followed my craving. I only ate beef for week because that’s all I liked. Slowly introduce one at a time.

If someone wants to learn more about your health journey or contact you, where is the best place for them to go?

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