4 week Private Coaching


A 4 week 1-on-1 personalized coaching mentorship with Tristan Haggard.



Tristan works with clients located all over the world with various levels of knowledge and experience. From absolute beginners to advanced dieters, he enjoys coaching anyone with the desire to optimize input to achieve sustainable, long-term changes.

His holistic approach is never cookie cutter and considers various elements of health. He examines a person’s diet and food choices, meal timing and frequency, exercise and daily movement, sleep cycles, stress management, circadian rhythm and light exposure throughout the day.

Ketogenic and carnivore (zero-carb) diets are his specialty but are not applied in all contexts for all people. If you have questions ahead of time, please contact us here.

To Prepare:

  • Your payment receipt will have a download link to our questionnaire, please fill it out and return back to us (primaledgehealth at gmail dot com) prior to your meeting. Your answers give us helpful insights to your past history, current habits, and future goals.
  • Book your appointment here All times are confirmed upon payment. For custom times and dates, please contact Jessica Haggard at [email protected] with specific requests.
  • Clients begin with a private 60 minute 1-on-1 Skype consult to discuss current their standing and make a realistic plan for moving forward. Have your questions written down and ready to go.
  • You then have the remainder of the month to implement changes and fine tune as you go via unlimited email correspondence and weekly check-ins. You will get all questions answered and learn how to tweak your plan long-term.



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