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The Keto & Carnivore Collective

Are you ready to thrive with a low-carb diet? We are here to dial in your diet and lifestyle with our holistic approach to health and wellness.

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Cut through the Confusion

Skip straight to a productive plan, minimize your trial and error time, and eliminate frustration and doubt while maximizing progress and confidence.


Interactive Community Coaching

We provide the intimacy and personalization of private coaching with the added benefit of supportive and inspiring community interaction in a 4 week LIVE program for ketogenic and carnivore style diets and lifestyle.


We have live voice chats twice weekly and private 24/7 live chat/text/voice forum hosted on Discord (with a free mobile app so you can check in whenever/wherever).

Many clients enjoy the program without any live interaction. They engage at their own pace and read through the material on their own time.


All the material shared in this collective is recorded, collected and saved for you, giving “life-time” access to everything you learn.

Review and revisit all lectures, reading material, charts, recipes and special notes anytime after the coaching session closes.

Program includes:


We help clients reach a variety of goals such as fat loss, muscle building, improved brain function and over all health and wellness.

Individuals learn how to make a keto or carnivorous style diet and healthy lifestyle applicable for them, for the long-term.

Everyone is prepared for real, sustainable results.


We break down your macro needs in a clear and concise manner, actually teaching you how to define your own macros and adjust them long-term based on your goals.

If you just want to be told numbers and get a plan – that can be done too. Either way, you’ll know what you need and when you need it.


Jessica has created an 8 lesson Keto Meal Prep Plan (and 4 Carnivore Lessons) so you can be confident in your own kitchen.

She emphasizes quick and easy meal prep with bulk options, family friendly meals, and her own unique recipes that help clients maintain a state of ketosis without cravings, feeling restricted or undernourished.


Sleep, stress, light exposure, and daily movement are the main themes we discuss in the Collective.

Simple yet profound changes in these areas can be the difference between “just getting by” and THRIVING.

Our clients benefit from our whole life, holistic approach.

Check our calendar here for upcoming sessions.

$180 / 4 week session

If you have questions ahead of time, please contact us here.


Listen to the personal testimony from Spore and Hesher, curators of The Boiler Room.
James bailand carnivore diet results
I had an opportunity to join the Primal Edge Health Keto & Carnivore Collective by Tristan and Jessica. The experience was great with them individually and the group as a whole. Tristan’s ability to breakdown and explain the process of eating a keto carnivore diet was simple but not simplistic. This is a topic he clearly knows inside out though experience. During a number of sessions, he broke down exactly the traps and pitfalls I had been making that week before he had even spoken to me. Tristan genuinely knows the process and how to guide you through it, without fuss, and ensuring easy success.  To anyone thinking about eating a keto or carnivore diet, I can highly recommend Primal Edge Health coaching!
The Keto & Carnivore Collective has been an amazing help to me. I’ve been meandering my way towards a more ketogenic, animal foods-based diet, especially to recover from some cascading injuries, but was still having some bumps along the way. It was incredibly reassuring to have the support of Tristan and Jessica, and a group of other people going through similar struggles and making progress themselves. I was able to gain confidence in what I was doing right and get the knowledge I needed to focus on the big things that made a difference and not sweat the small stuff. It’s very apparent that Tristan and Jessica really care about the people they’re helping and are interested in their long-term success and health, not just to keep them hanging on to their services. They’ve given me invaluable building blocks that will enable me to keep improving and tweaking things however my circumstances may change in the future, not just in diet, but also sleep and light exposure and other healthy habits that contribute to my health. I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful program they’ve put together, and the amount of care and time they’ve put into their recipes, advice, support, and resources. I would without hesitation recommend the KCC to anyone who wants to take a step towards better health. Thank you, Tristan and Jessica!
Caroline Sullivan carnivore diet results
heather g profile carnivore diet results
When I started the Keto & Carnivore Collective I was in really bad shape. My health was poor and I was in constant and persistent pain. Every joint in my body felt inflamed and my husband would have to help me off of the couch just to get up.  I “waddled” everywhere because a regular stride was just downright painful. This is coming from someone who has been keto for the last year. I also had the most horrible sleep every night. I think in part due to the pain I was suffering from. I would wake up anywhere from 2-5 times a night and I would have to pee, like clockwork, at 3 am.  Sometimes it would be impossible to fall back asleep after that.  Now, after following the plan outlined to me by Tristan and Jessica, my pain is GONE, and I am sleeping through the night, something I hadn’t done in over a decade. Because of the better sleep and lack of pain, I am able to do more activities, I can think better, and I am losing weight. I haven’t been able to get any of these results on Keto by myself. I thought something was wrong with me and I’m only 46! I will continue to follow Primal Edge and the KCC as this is the first program that has helped me. Thank you so much, guys…I am so happy that I know I am on the right track!
Tristan and Jessica’s Keto Carnivore Collective has far exceeded my wildest expectations.  After a long weight loss plateau which brought me on the brink of giving up one more time, I have now started to lose weight again!  Jessica and Tristan provided me with the exact information for my specific case, which not only worked but also inspired me to change my habits for the better. The changes I experienced and am still experiencing every day are simply awesome.  It was not only the weight loss that started happening again, after a 5-month long stall. I am now healthier in more ways than one. I feel stronger, my mood has changed for the better, my sleep has improved and the last remnants of my Acid reflux have disappeared. What’s more, I not only feel better than I did on the standard ketogenic diet but I have now dispelled many of the misconceptions I had regarding weight loss on the ketogenic diet, due to listening to random information of the internet.  Thank you guys, it has been an amazing ride and I will continue to support you!
Stavros carnivore diet results
Tristan and Jessica Profile picture EDIT

Tristan & Jessica // Primal Edge Health

Hi, we’re Tristan and Jessica Haggard and we’ve spent years learning and self-experimenting with different health and nutrition concepts. Over that time, we have run the website where we share recipes, diest advice, and tips for sourcing healthy, animal-based foods from farms and grocery stores. Our mission is to make healthy living as practical and as easy as possible.

Since 2013 we have successfully coached 1000’s of people towards their personal health goals. But we’ve always dreamed of a place where all the great people we get to work with can meet each other. We needed to build a community that would support, as well as keep one another accountable and push each other to improve.

Our private community forum is set up to help you gain dietary confidence and succeed in living a healthier lifestyle. It reflects our commitment to building healthy bodies, families, and communities together because we are far more than what we eat.