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Dial in your diet and lifestyle with our hollistic approach to health

Interactive Community Coaching
We provide the intimacy and personalization of private coaching with the added benefit of supportive and inspiring community interaction.
Cut through the Confusion

Skip straight to a productive plan, minimize your trial and error time and eliminate frustration and doubt while maximizing progress and confidence.

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4 week community coaching program for ketogenic and carnivore style diets and lifestyle.


We have live voice chats twice weekly and private 24/7 live chat/text/voice forum hosted on Discord (with a free mobile app so you can check in whenever/wherever).

Many clients enjoy the program without any live interaction. They engage at their own pace and read through the material on their own time.


All the material shared in this collective is recorded, collected and saved for you, giving "life-time" access to everything you learn.

Review and revisit all lectures, reading material, charts, recipes and special notes anytime after the coaching session closes.

Program includes:


We help clients reach a variety of goals such as fat loss, muscle building, improved brain function and over all health and wellness.

Individuals learn how to make a keto or carnivorous style diet and healthy lifestyle applicable for them, for the long-term.

Everyone is prepared for real, sustainable results.


We break down your macro needs in a clear and concise manner, actually teaching you how to define your own macros and adjust them long-term based on your goals.

If you just want to be told numbers and get a plan – that can be done too. Either way, you’ll know what you need and when you need it.


Jessica has created an 8 lesson Keto Meal Prep Plan (and 4 Carnivore Lessons) so you can be confident in your own kitchen.

She emphasizes quick and easy meal prep with bulk options, family friendly meals, and her own unique recipes that help clients maintain a state of ketosis without cravings, feeling restricted or undernourished.


Sleep, stress, light exposure, and daily movement are the main themes we discuss in the Collective.

Simple yet profound changes in these areas can be the difference between “just getting by” and THRIVING.

Our clients benefit from our whole life, holistic approach.

Check our calendar here for upcoming sessions.

$180 / 4 week session

If you have questions ahead of time, please contact us here.