Healing Autoimmune Conditions

Melissa | Homeschooling & Homesteading MOM |

After over two years of doing a whole foods based ketogenic diet, I was still having trouble with symptoms from an autoimmune condition. Joint pain, over-all inflammation, fatigue, gut issues, these affected me on a daily basis. I had heard of the benefits to a carnivore based ketogenic diet in order to treat autoimmune issues and decided to join the Keto & Carnivore Collective with the hope of understanding the basic principles of a more carnivorous approach.

Fast forward four weeks and I’m ten pounds lighter, have no inflammation in my hands, face, or abdomen, have energy to burn and sleep soundly. Tristan, Jessica and the other members of the keto/carnivore collective, gave me the tools, know-how and community to not only succeed on a whole foods based keto diet, but to make it a lasting lifestyle change.

All my questions were answered, from finding quality sources of animal products, to understanding how I can support my body and healing in other ways beyond diet. I felt encouraged and supported by my peers in the community setting, making it easy to stay accountable and focused on my goals. Most importantly though, I finally had the knowledge and guidance to achieve relief from my autoimmune symptoms and establish a solid foundation to allow me to succeed many years to come. Thank you, for all that you do Jessica and Tristan! With out your dedication to help build strong healthy communities, based around wholesome nourishing foods, I don’t know if I’d ever find the answer. Thank you, thank you, thank you :pray:

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