Keto & PCOS

Shaunna Hargrave |

I was in the November Keto & Carnivore Collective and couldn’t really participate much, but I read the updates and watched all the videos.

Since leaving veganism and going keto the healthy way Jessica and Tristan teach, with enough salt and protein and high-quality meats, I have been doing PHENOMENAL. I have lost 35 pounds effortlessly — no counting calories.

I am ovulating PERFECTLY (I have PCOS). My hair loss has stopped and I have little baby hairs growing all over. I took before and after photos of the hair, I would collect in the shower. It is about 1/6th of what it used to be and is at a level that I would consider the normal level of daily hair loss.

I stopped being vegan after having heavy uterine bleeding for 6 weeks that sent me to the emergency room. Progestin was prescribed to stop it and it did for a time. It was weeks after when I started heavy bleeding again through the progestin that I decided to eat meat. After the first day of eating beef and eggs, the bleeding turned off like a faucet. 

I have been charting my fertility for years with basal temp/cervical symptoms. During my SAD and vegan days, I would often not ovulate, or ovulate too late in my cycle, and never had good cervical mucus (which you know is an important thing for fertility). The first full cycle after breaking vegan and going keto, my cycle was TEXTBOOK. I hadn’t ever seen such perfect cervical mucous, my libido was up, and my temperature chart was by the book. It accurately predicted my period to the day. This is so amazing to me. Maybe this will be my year of making babies 🙂 

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