A Keto Diet to Maintain Lean Muscle Mass while Aging

Chris keto success story before after

Chris uses a low-carb, ketogenic diet to maintain strength and general fitness while aging. He notices a big improvement in his focus, mood, and energy levels. In short, a keto diet keeps him thriving! After bodybuilding on a low fat diet for years, he is now confident that healthy fats have an essential and fundamental … Read more

No longer diabetic or on painkillers every day thanks to a Keto Diet

Keith keto diet results

Both Keith and his wife, Becky have seen tremendous results from ketogenic dieting. Here is their inspiring story. I started Keto for my wife, Becky. Although we both struggled with weight and health issues, when Becky started us down the road to a ketogenic lifestyle, I had no hope that the idea would ever improve … Read more