Breaking a Stall

After doing a ketogenic diet for a year and losing 90lbs I was in a stall for nearly 4 months. I had been eating the same foods, simple and pretty much the same thing that had me lose all the weight so I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. I joined this collective in the hopes of understanding sustainable non-processed food and I hoped to get help understanding the diet for long term. Tristan and Jessica both had amazing advice, it was their suggestions that broke my stall and allowed me to get back on losing weight, in just 4 weeks I lost another 15lbs and was able to make my 100lb loss in a year goal!! They know everyone seems to adapt different and has to tweak the diet a bit differently, that’s the beautiful thing about this collective, Tristan and Jessica take the time to find each path, I’m so thankful for them, cant say it enough. They are amazing humans!!

Healing Autoimmune Conditions

After over two years of doing a whole foods based ketogenic diet, I was still having trouble with symptoms from an autoimmune condition. Joint pain, over-all inflammation, fatigue, gut issues, these affected me on a daily basis. I had heard of the benefits to a carnivore based ketogenic diet in order to treat autoimmune issues and decided to join the collective with the hope of understanding the basic principles of a more carnivorous approach.

Fast forward four weeks and I’m ten pounds lighter, have no inflammation in my hands, face, or abdomen, have energy to burn and sleep soundly. Tristan, Jessica and the other members of the keto/carnivore collective, gave me the tools, know-how and community to not only succeed on a whole foods based keto diet, but to make it a lasting lifestyle change.

All my questions were answered, from finding quality sources of animal products, to understanding how I can support my body and healing in other ways beyond diet. I felt encouraged and supported by my peers in the community setting, making it easy to stay accountable and focused on my goals. Most importantly though, I finally had the knowledge and guidance to achieve relief from my autoimmune symptoms and establish a solid foundation to allow me to succeed many years to come. Thank you, for all that you do Jessica and Tristan! With out your dedication to help build strong healthy communities, based around wholesome nourishing foods, I don’t know if I’d ever find the answer. Thank you, thank you, thank you :pray:

Keto as a Lifestyle

Although I have not been able to be live much during this collective, I have kept up on all the comments and audio recordings. I have enjoy the diversity of people gathered here, their comments enriched the collective greatly.

One of the goals I had for this collective was to break free of My Fitness Pal and learn to eat when I was hungry. It was such a relief. It freed me from taking so much time logging and thinking about food all the time. The reduction of stress was like a vacation. I feel more prepared to get the discipline back and continue to work on the nutritional way of life so many of the folks in the collective have done.

I have learned so much and with the results I have gotten, I have been able to get others to look into low carb diet too. My sister was concerned about her husband’s clarity as he is getting older and they realized that getting sugar out of his diet has made him feel and look better. Jessica’s keto bread won my sister over. I have shown them several of the recipes and they see that you can still enjoy food on keto.

I would like to thank Jessica and Tristan for their life’s mission of living a good life and helping others to do the same. I came to this because I was impressed with their intelligence and compassion for people. They have not failed in either. I know I will continue to follow their videos and blogs. Thanks for everything…it has helped me make a better life.

More Than Just Diet

Within a week of joining their Collective they brought truth to my world in ways I never had considered before (not to mention the beautiful connections I made and the support I received from those who also joined and who I also learned from). They were also able to provide practical knowledge on how to nourish my body back to health.

The Collective goes beyond the Keto diet trend, it’s about creating a diet that nourishes the body and opens up the opportunity to live beyond the food. They don’t revolve a lifestyle around food, but a lifestyle that is supported by nourishment. This approach allows your body to heal, leaving you with time to focus on more important things. This is not something just anyone can teach, their lifestyle approach reveals how meaningful someone can live their life when well nourished.

They are not only great examples, but an inspiration to us all, and personally, they have positively impacted my life in ways most out there never could have. I’m excited to start planning my life the way I’ve always dreamed of because they gave me the tools to transcend my health to a level I’ve never reached before. Thank you J & T!

My hopes have been far exceeded

Jessica & Tristan saved me from a life threatening surgery and taught me how to eat a healthy carnivore diet. I am thankful for the impressive work they put into their YouTube channel and for the in depth-knowledge they shared with the Collective.

This Collective is not only about diet. It’s about learning how to live a healthy, more structured, stress reduced and happier life. Each of the participants had their own issues, questions, struggles and hurdles to overcome and that’s exactly how Jessica and Tristan perceived us and gave advice – individually!

My hopes have been far exceeded and I’m overjoyed how my life, body and mind already have changed positively.

Not only have I cut back 1/3 of my antidepressant without any issues at all, I’m absolutely clear minded and my body is so much stronger already and the dizziness is gone. My lymphedema is also much better, I don’t have to take my asthma medication anymore and, despite being mostly bedbound and having hashimoto’s, I’m slowly losing weight! I never thought that would happen, because nothing I’ve tried has worked since my health declined in 2016. I didn’t have any hopes for weightloss at all.

The Collective has been an amazing experience and I will be forever grateful for the astonishing, positive impact in my life already. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything you did for me.

Fat Loss & Self Love

I was trying to wade through all the Keto (mis)information out there and finally found some people actually living their life out loud instead of just trying to sell me something. I enjoy Tristan’s intellect & no-bullshit content, Jessica’s quiet strength, kindness & creativity (what a balance!), the family humor and the WEALTH of knowledge from experience.

I was generously sponsored by a wonderful stranger to join the Keto Collective. Getting my personalized macros and support along side a small community of people from around the globe has been invaluable. Already I am losing the body fat, reduced my pain & inflammation and having much healthier conversations with myself. The thick fog of self doubt and depression have dissipated.

It’s not just about food and exercise, Primal Edge Health teach a whole, balanced, holistic approach to get you living your very best life. I give my humble recommendation to anyone, no matter your personal wellness goals, to check these guys content out and get on a Collective.

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