Organic Maca Powder

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An andean adaptogen for energy, stamina, hormone balancing and more.



Please note: We no longer export our own maca powder but do hight recommend this one from Mountain Rose Herbs.


Organic Raw Premium Peruvian Maca Powder

Dosage: 1 – 3 teaspoons (3-9 grams)

1.6g Net Carbs per teaspoon dose

1 ounce, 4 ounce, 8 ounce and 1 pound quantities available

We have been fascinated with this amazing root for over a decade.

MACA – Powerful Incan Adaptogen

Maca has been used as a staple food and healing herb for thousands of years by the Andean Inca.  Maca is an adaptogen useful for improving the bodies function under stressful conditions.  This tiny radish-like tuber grows in a harsh environment high in the Peruvian Andes where low oxygen, high altitude, and cold dictate that not even grass or trees can propagate.  This ancient herb is a symbol of fertility to the Andean people and is used traditionally for treating a myriad of disorders and dysfunctions associated with loss of vitality.

Both women and men have benefited immensely from this plant.  Maca has also been used for thousands of years by Incan women for menstrual cycle symptoms and hormone balance, as well as by the male warriors as a source of energy and vitality before going into hunts or battle

Maca is traditionally used for:

* increasing stamina, energy and vitality

 * enhancing memory and learning

* improving mood

* increasing oxygen supply in the blood (chronic low oxygen aka hypoxia is a major marker for disease)

* adrenal support

* endocrine support

* thyroid support

* circulatory health

* increasing libido

* enhancing fertility

Scientific Studies + Keto Recipes

You’ll find it all in our FREE EBOOK Maca: The Andean Adaptogen (instant download).

This Ebook is a user friendly resource that tackles everything you want to know about the traditional Andean adaptogen – maca. You will learn about the history of this pre-Inca high altitude adaptogen, how to use maca, and who can benefit from maca. There is also a resources section containing abstracts from available scientific studies and 17 delicious low-carb, paleo, ketogenic maca recipes straight from our Andean kitchen. The recipes are all ketogenic, sugar-free and low-carb, there are a variety of hot drinks, smoothies, chocolates, crΓ¨mes and other desserts.

Recipes from the Primal Edge Health Blog




15 reviews for Organic Maca Powder

  1. S. Crago (verified owner)

    Buy this stuff! It gives me a great all day energy and adds to the metal clarity the ketogenic diets gives you. The taste takes a little by to get used to but if you’re here you probably already have a mature palete. The shipping was incredibly fast. I live in the southeastern part of the United States and I received it in maybe 4-5 days (possibly less by no more then 5 days).
    But when it got here and I opened it up I forgot I ordered it and I had a flashback to 2003. Sealed package of off white fishscale lol sorry just thought I’d add that in there

    • Jessica

      Thanks for the feedback! We are happy you like it so much πŸ™‚

  2. Michael Dorminy (verified owner)

    I thought I’d give this a try because it was one of the recommendations from a question I posted for the last Q&A. Waking up for work at 1am and then coming home to take care of my one year old all day takes a toll on you(wouldn’t trade it for anything,) and I strongly believe that MACA gives me a nice boost of energy. Currently only taking it once a day but I think I’m gonna start spreading it throughout the day. No issues with shipping as well. I would recommend it to friends and family if they didn’t already think I was crazy for not eating carbs! πŸ˜‰

    • Jessica

      Thanks for taking the time to write back to us. I remember your question – I’m so happy to hear this is a benefit in your life! Go ahead and recommend it, once people try it then they will know the truth πŸ™‚

  3. Jennifer Henning (verified owner)

    I was nervous about the taste, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it smelled like a pb&j sandwich and didn’t taste too bad either! Been taking for about two weeks, Helping me reduce my dependency on caffeine.

    • Jessica

      So happy to hear of your success!! Thanks for sharing the positive message!

  4. Erik Trelstad (verified owner)

    I bought this stuff back in July and wanted to wait awhile before I wrote a comprehensive review to insure I understood this food more. I’ve been using it on and off since then and at this point I can say, it is some damn good Maca.

    My Personal Use:
    It goes great in a MCT and Ghee blended coffee! Throwing in some cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg makes for a potent pre-workout drink that gives a distinctive energized feeling during exercise. Drinking it alone in water is viable as you can truly taste the quality from Primal Edge Health’s sourcing; I sometimes just shake it in water and drink. The taste is indescribably interesting, nutty, fruity, and bitter sweet, but nevertheless feels clean and pure compared to other Maca powders I have tried in the past. Very hard to put your finger on the taste though its not bad!

    The price appears unbeatable when compared to other brands and it makes me wonder how you are able to sell this so cheap? Reading an Amazon review of another comparable Maca gave the implication that this stuff is going for sometimes a little under $2 a lb in Peru (TheFruitOfTheForrest). However, I questioned the validity of the reviewer after reading a fox news article from 2014 which suggests that Maca prices have been on the rise for the past few years leading to a 283% price increase; sometimes even reaching $17.75 per kg. Evidently with the aforementioned in mind, the price point primal edge health offers for their Maca is entirely justifiable, and in fact generous, given the organic label, sourcing and ebook that comes with it. Providing a visual link to your sources, such as pictures of the farms, families, and or verifying documents, may further bolster your products integrity (sources at bottom).

    Ebook and Question:
    The ebook is astounding considering the amount of content it provides on this seemingly powerful vegetable root. It gives a great overview of the information surrounding this food, with links to scientific studies included, and shows how it can be used in a practical setting with various recipes and methods. My only wish, or critique for what it is, would be to cover the controversy over whether to consume this food ‘raw or cooked’ as this has been puzzling me lately. Does it matter, raw or cooked and why? It seems that some are concerned over bacteria, potential gastrointestinal issues, and negative goitrogen effects. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to look into or gain more knowledge in this area (Reddit discussion at bottom).

    Thank you for giving me safe access to this wonderful food!

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much Erik!

      Concerning your question on how we keep the price low – we LIVE in the Andes and source directly…there are at least 10 different grades of maca available, most of them I wouldn’t feel to my dogs as they are cut with maltodextrin, wheat, and who knows what else. We source this directly from small family farms and only select the highest quality ripe maca, export directly and don’t waste money on fancy labelling. Thanks for the kind words πŸ™‚

    • Tristan

      We eat and sell raw maca because we consider it the best form…claims against it are unfounded but convenient to market “gelatinized” maca.

  5. Cary Strickland (verified owner)

    Hello again! Tristan and Jessica this is Cary Strickland we received the Maca and my familyand I already seeing amazing results , especially in my oldest daughter Sabbathawith helping stabilize her hormones! We have been taking it a little over a week and the benefits are wonderful . My family and I hold your family, web site, business , opinions – in high regard. So thank you! Congratulations on the birth of your son! Also thank you for the links for ingredients listed in the Maca recipes.
    Thank you! the Strickland family

  6. Taryam Al Subaihi (verified owner)

    Wonderful stuff. Other than the great health benefits you feel almost instantaneously, the price is unbelievable. I bought 100g from our local health store to try it out while waiting for Tristan and Jessica’s order to come through for the same price as one kilogram from!! insanity, hope it never runs out on this site. Thanks guys, loving the Maca.

  7. Toby (verified owner)

    Im just starting and felt a difference on day one. Just want to let everyone know it tastes almost exactly like sweet peas. Not sure how to eat it, i just toss a teaspoon back with water.

  8. Jake (verified owner)

    This stuff taste so amazing!! Best Maca I have ever had. My toddler loves this in her smoothies she has gotten to where she knows if it isn’t in it and asks for it. Highly recommended.

  9. Brian Lenzkes (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Got here to CA so fast I can’t believe it. Had a TSP with my coffee this morning and I cannot believe the energy I have and am not hungry—really helps on those Intermittent Fasting days. I will be sharing with my friends and family. Keep up the good work! You have convinced a skeptic MD who has given bad dietary advice to my patients for years until recently. Thanks for schooling me on nutrition.

  10. Conor Richard Niwinski

    DO NOT BUY!!!…

    ….I want it all for myself!!! πŸ˜›

  11. Connor (verified owner)

    Love Maca, can’t wait till there is more, ordering at least 10 bags next time, keep up the good work

  12. Holly

    When will this be in stock? ? Thank you.

  13. Loy

    Loved your product. I wish you had more! I will be checking back and if carried again in the future I will be making more frequent purchases of that product and of other offerings from your site. I just had to run out of some other product first πŸ™ Love you guys keep it up!

    • Jessica Haggard

      I’m glad it could help you! I’m sorry, right now we don’t have a date for when it will be back in stock.

  14. Justin

    This is the real deal but I ran out! I hope he gets more because I will be stocking up

  15. Robin

    I bought some from you back in 2017 and I forgot all about it. I have the bag and it’s still sealed, never been opened, and there is a little sticker on the bottom that reads 08/2017. Is this still good or has it expired? I feel so bad now. Yes, please let us know when this will be re-stocked. I want to buy much more and won’t forget about it this time.

    • Jessica Haggard

      To be honest, it should be fine. Do all the sense checks (smell, sight, taste) and try a small dose to start. I would eat it as long as it looks “normal” with no conspicuous oddities in it. That was a one time thing, we’re not planning to have any of our own stock again BUT do 100% recommend this maca (we used to source if for them) and can vouch for their integreity and quality.

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