Organic Coconut Oil

Organic virgin, cold processed coconut oil is clear and colorles. No chemicals or heat are used in any stage of the process. Use coupon code PRIMALEDGEHEALTH for 10% off your order



Wildly Organic’s cold pressed, virgin coconut oil is made like no others. It combines the cold pressing of freshly dried coconut flesh with centrifugation to remove fine proteins and clarify the oil.

The process behind cold pressed, virgin coconut oil
– The fresh coconuts are opened and grated.
– Then the grated coconut is dehydrated at low temperatures, drying the coconut into fresh, crisp flakes.
– These flakes are then “pressed” to yield delicious oil that also contains many of the nutrients and flavors of the fresh coconut.

Wildly Organic’s new manufacturing technique is outstanding. It allows for the manufacture of a raw coconut oil which does not contain any of the microscopic proteins many manufacturers still struggle to overcome. 

Their oil has a mild coconut flavor and is delicious in baked goods. It is a delightfully pure oil and likely to be a favorite of those who love to eat coconut oil right off the spoon. Don’t be afraid to give it a try – we believe you will be pleasantly surprised!

This virgin coconut oil is an oil extracted from fresh, dehydrated coconut. It retains a coconut flavor and aroma. This oil is clear and colorless in the liquid state and an immaculate white when solid. No chemicals or heat are used in any stage of the process.

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