Organ Meat Recipes for Beginners


Learn how to normalize organ meat in your kitchen with 12 easy family-friendly and budget-friendly recipes.



Increase nutrient density with organ meats!

Learn how to normalize organ meat in your kitchen with 12 easy family-friendly and budget-friendly recipes.

A digital cookbook with resources to help you maximize your nutrition with healthy recipes you actually want to eat.

I want to eat nose-to-tail, but it seems so weird.

Sound familiar? Organ meats are so far removed from most of our diets, it is a big push to open up and accept them back in. We have the key to introducing these heritage foods to your kitchen. For the past 7 years, we have been cooking organ meat recipes in our family and have learned to make them without any strange look, texture, taste! The best ones are in this digital cookbook.

Why organ meats?

Because ounce for ounce, they are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet! Traditionally saved for warriors, pregnant women, and young children these cuts are great for the whole family. Plus, due to the generally low demand, they are still affordable sources of protein and essential fat-soluble vitamins.

We are confident that these recipes will open your eyes to the wonderful world of organ meats and inspire you to take back your health with nutrient-dense animal foods!

So, what do you get?

  • 12 easy organ meat recipes Each recipe uses simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques.
  • Paleo, Keto, and Carnivore Diet approved recipes Plus tips on how to modify them for various diet types.
  • Recipes for every meal of the day Find breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack ideas.
  • Color images for every recipe
  • Nutritional information for each recipe Total calories, fat, protein, carbs, fiber, and net carb are included next to the directions.
  • An instant download of Organ Meat Recipes for Beginners This digital PDF was made for phones, tablets, desktops and is also printer-friendly.

This is a digital pdf. No physical copy will be sent to you. The download link is included in your receipt.


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