Stay on Track - Curb Cravings - Nourish Yourself

Nutrient Dense Ingredients

All recipes are built around whole, unprocessed foods - no artificial flavors, hidden chemical preservatives or added sugar. Use easy to find ingredients to support your health and longevity on a low-carb, high fat diet.

Every Day Meals

Gain a foundation of easy, real life food prep made for busy people, rooted in the tradition of our great grandparents. Packed with 30 minute meals, recipes with 5 ingredients and less, easy one pan ideas, and practical bulk prep recipes, this collection will support your progress toward better health in 2019.

Family Friendly

A collection of over 200 tried and true recipes made for my own overly picky husband and children. Chapters include Sauces and Dressings, Meats + Eggs + Fish, Savory Baked Goods, Sweet Treats and Bars, Frostings and Toppings, and more!

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