EP 50: LIVE Q&A- CELEBRATING 2 MILLION VIEWS! fat loss, common keto pitfalls, special cookbook preview

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THE KETOGENIC EDGE COOKBOOK: A Training Manual for Low-Carb, Ketogenic, and Paleo Cuisine – http://www.primaledgehealth.com/produ…

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Join us for a live Q&A to celebrate 2 million views and 33,000 subscribers! We will preview our new cookbook,The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook: A Training Manual for Low-Carb, Ketogenic, and Paleo Cuisine and answer live questions.

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  1. Nani
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    What is your thought on this? Thanks

    • Jessica
      | Reply

      It would be great to discuss on the next hangout. Please sign up for the newsletter (box in the right hand sidebar) to receive notification of upcoming events.

  2. Courtnee
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    I have already been writing you guys a ton the past day since I’ve found you guys, but seriously ya’ll are my absolute favorite! I stumbled across one of Trysten’s you tube video when I was looking at fitness loss motivation! That was on Monday… I’ve already purchased your cook book as well as your Maca:] I feel like I research everything and sometimes I feel discouraged if I don’t know how to do something “perfect”. You guys have helped set my mind at ease with all this information you guys throw out and how detailed you get! Seriously thank you guys! I danced for about 16 years and once I quit due to a surgery I found out that I suffer with PCOS as a hormonal dysfunction and it wasn’t until the end of 2016 that I was introduced to Keto. I hit the research hard, I started being more mindful of the carbs I was putting in my mouth (especially over the holiday season) and here I am finally hitting keto hard! FOLLOWER FOR LIFE! Thank you Thank you!

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