EP 29: Jessica and Tristan – Ketogenic Pregnancy, Ayahuasca, Coffee & Keto Confusion

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A great Q&A session with Jessica and Tristan hitting on everything from Jessica’s pregnancy, coffee confusion, recovering fertility after damaging low calorie diets, ayahuasca, ketogenic diet and pregnancy, and more.

After my last video about why I don’t eat bacon I decided to further upset the audience by sharing my thoughts on why Star Wars is not the great film trilogy that we all once thought it was…don’t hate me 🙂 Thanks for all the great questions, put your questions for the next Q&A in the pinned Facebook thread

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  1. Cynthia niemeyer
    | Reply

    Hey I made bone broth for the first time. I got the lard off the top but the rest was all gelatin. Wasnt there suppose to be liquid underneath the gelatin?

    • Tristan
      | Reply

      Once broth cools in the fridge the liquid becomes jelly, this is a sign of a well made batch.

  2. Scott Gilmore
    | Reply


    Not sure about other people, but Stephanie Person is the one I hear talked about no coffee (caffeine over stimulates adrenal gland and toxins on the beans; no nuts (toxins) no milk/cheese (casein), and to much protein can cause neoglucogenesis.

    You mentioned you eat a lot of fish, even out of a cans. I was researching BPA free plastics and came up with this article talking about BPA linings in cans and or substituting other toxins. Thoughts?

    • Jessica
      | Reply

      BPA lined cans of fish are better than no cans of fish – try to source a different type but if that is all you can find, enjoy the health benefits of the DHA and don’t worry about it touching the plastic.

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