Jessica Haggard - Primal Edge HealthHi! I'm Jessica,

... and I want to help you make the most of your Carnivore Diet by showing how to easily make zero-fiber meals and thrive on animal based nutrition.

I believe in simple food prep. Quick prep is a necessary tool because food should nourish us and support our life, not be an additional stress. I'm all about maximizing my nutrition while minimizing the time spent in the kitchen.

There are so many options within the animal kingdom! Steaks are amazing, but don’t stop there.

My collection in "The Carnivore Cookbook" teaches all you need to know about preparing ultra simple, nourishing recipes.


Simple Recipes
Most recipes take 30 minutes or less to make because no one wants to spend more time in the kitchen than is necessary. All recipes are made with the essential ingredients for human health: animal protein and fats. The majority of recipes are egg and dairy-free.
Nose To Tail Eating

Enjoy a unique focus on nose to tail variety that respectfully uses the whole animal and enhances the diet with a plethora of nutrients. Traditional diets around the world use organs, bones, and odd bits regularly in their diet, with specific emphasis on fertility and childhood development.

Easy Step-By-Step Prep
Over 100 recipes completely demystified the preparation of animal based foods. Normalize meat consumption in your daily diet again, learn how to handle various parts of the animal and don't fear your food! Recipes sections include fats and sauces, eggs, pork and poultry, fish and seafood, muscle meats, organs.
"The Carnivore Cookbook is an amazing resource for people who have come to understand the importance of ditching processed carbohydrates from their diet and instead, replacing them with nutrient-rich animal proteins and fats. Why? Because #meatheals" Belinda

"This cookbook is filled with fun, creative, amazing, and delicious recipes that are easy to make!
I was skeptical of a carnivore cookbook, but the recipes for bacon mozzarella sticks, organ meat quiche, shrimp, pemmican, and all kind of steaks are phenomenal.

Jessica has done a fantastic job with this! Definitely worth every penny." Scott

"I had no idea there could be so many recipes for a carnivore-style diet. This book is so beautifully and thoughtfully made from a family who loves humanity. In my honest opinion, this is one of the most life-changing books I own. " Megan