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Here’s the Info…

You get:
  • 20% sales. Earn 20% affiliate commissions for every sale.
  • Unique affiliate link. Each approved application receives a unique “evergreen” affiliate link to track sales.
  • 30 Day Cookies. Say someone clicks your link but doesn’t purchase right away, you can still get the credit when they buy within 30 days!
  • Creatives. You will be supplied with various images and banners to use in posts, newsletters and sidebars.
  • Monthly income. We send monthly payments via paypal to your account. Our payouts begin after your first $20 of commission.

Affiliate Products

This program includes all of our e-books (not the print books):

You can work with English and Spanish audiences!

How to use the links

We suggest doing to following to maximize your potential reach:

  • add links to any keto resource and/or recommended product pages you have
  • publish your affiliate link in coaching packages and/or online webinars
  • share links on facebook, instagram, twitter and other social media outlets
  • include a banner image in the bottom of your newsletter
  • add an image to the sidebar of your website with affiliate link

Any questions? Send us an email.

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Thanks for joining forces to share ketogenic resources that promote lasting and sustainable positive lifestyle changes, fat loss and general well-being!!