Pure Reishi Spore Oil


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Pure Reishi Spore Oil


1oz (roughly 600 drops)
Dosage:  4-10 Drops


Ancient Therapeutic Adaptogen

I’ve spoken about it in a few videos, and I’m excited that I’m finally able to share this with you!  The Reishi mushroom is one of my favorite adaptogens and the top herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine – we have created the most elite and powerful line of Reishi products in existence. The purity, potency, and quality of this Reishi Spore Oil is unmatched. We have cut out all the fluff in order to deliver you PURE REISHI SPORE OIL with no carriers, fillers, additives, or preservatives.

Our Reishi Spore Oil is a highly concentrated proprietary extract from the spores of the fruiting bodies of the legendary Reishi mushroom. This is a fiercely therapeutic extract derived from the incredible Reishi Mushroom spore. A single bottle of this precious oil contains the therapeutic potency of several kilograms of pure Reishi Spores – just a few drops is a powerful dose.

Out of all the stages of the life cycle of Reishi, the spores are known to contain the highest levels of triterpenes and polysaccharides, the compounds responsible for the therapeutic properties of Reishi.  We offer the only unadulterated Reishi Spore Oil with no additives, preservatives, carrier oils, or any other substances other than pure spore oil from the sustainably cultivated Reishi.

This is pure, unadulterated Reishi Spore Oil – the most therapeutically dense and valuable part of one of the most powerful mushrooms in the world.  I feel the effects rather quickly from just 2-4 drops.  Our Reishi Spore Oil contains all the fat soluble Triterpenes and many of the water soluble Polysaccharides – this is potent stuff.  One bottle will last several months depending how often and in what dosage you use it.  In my experience, higher doses (more than 10 drops) give stronger mental, mood enhancing, and cognitive effects


Specialized Sustainable Cultivation Method

We utilizes a highly specialized, sustainable, and groundbreaking proprietary cultivation method to produce the highest potency Reishi available. All of our Reishi is grown using carefully selected organic medicinal herbs as a substrate rather than logs – this prevents deforestation while simultaneously boosting the therapeutic properties of the Reishi to the the highest level achievable. Our method is the direct result of decades of research and careful selection of substrates and Reishi strains – this allows us to provide the strongest therapeutic fungi in the world.

Our entire production process is free of pollution. From the organic herbs grown in an uncontaminated mountain range fed by crystal clear spring water to the tightly controlled harvesting and extraction processes, our Reishi is held to a standard far exceeding any other product of its kind.

This ethical and sustainable production of Reishi makes our elite products the most environmentally friendly and potent Reishi extracts in the world. The triterpene and polysaccharide content of our Reishi line is unprecedented. We are raising the bar for quality and potency of Reishi products. You WILL be amazed.

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