Our Favorite DHA Rich Ketogenic Breakfast {In my Kitchen}

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Here is a little peek into our morning! In this video we discuss how we make our typical (and favorite) ketogenic breakfast of mackerel with butter, avocado, sauerkraut, spices, broccoli, and flax/greens crackers. Everything in this meal has a purpose.  We focus on fish protein to get essential DHA into the central nervous system. This meal is designed to do that while feeding the gut microbiome with probiotics and loading up the body with fiber and loads of micronutrients.

Tristan talks a bit about his morning routine of getting grounded and setting circadian rhythms with sunlight. As well as herbs and adaptogens we use such as Maca and why fitness and physique SHOULD be a result of a healthy lifestyle.

Check out Jessica’s Green Flax Cracker Recipe and try them out for yourself!

We will have a limited run of Peruvian Raw Organic Maca coming (May 2015), it will be very limited stock as the situation in Peru with maca is insane now – will post up the links for that when we finally put up the store on the website!

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