EP 69: Live Hangout and Q&A

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Join us as we “hangout” on a LIVE stream via Youtube/Google.

We often host live hangouts and live podcast/interviews. Whenever possible, we share announcements regarding the upcoming session a few days prior on the Primal Edge Health Facebook page and send out an email direct to you. Wherever you are in the world, you can meet up with us to chat about pertinent topics. Simply follow the youtube link, sign in, and start chatting with us and other like minded individuals!

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  1. PaulG
    | Reply

    Skin looking amazing Tristan!

  2. Cory Williams
    | Reply

    Love these people, I have been keto for 4 years teaching qigong and Taiji about 700 hours per year. I did a lot of explains to students as I lost 80 lbs! I have made a transformation to be sure. Yet, fine tuning and letting go of all the hype about it, like in Taiji, is when the truth appears.
    You are a sage sir, and you and your lovely family are an inspiration to many and I appreciate your work. We are kindred souls.
    Thanks again for all the wonderful full free help to those in need.

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