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  1. Scott Gilmroe
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    I have tried this several times and always end up with a mess all over the counters. What i realized was that you do not address in your video how to deal with the gases that build up in the jar. What do you do?

    Recently I went and bought a rubber top with a funny looking straw type thing that comes out so the gases can release without allowing stuff into the jar.

    thank you

    • Tristan
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      I have found the best solution is to leave at least a 1-inch gap between the water line and the opening of the jar. Sorry about the confusion here, my article on homemade sauerkraut contains more details – http://www.primaledgehealth.com/homemade-sauerkraut-how-to-make-your-own-probiotics/. If you continue to have spillage, place the jars on a tray or towel to catch the excess liquid. Do be sure to keep the vegetables completely underwater, sounds like you need a bigger jar or less contents. Keep trying! There are lots of trial and errors when you start to first learn about home fermentation. Best of luck!

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